Always dreamed about owning your own unique, one of a kind Land Rover Defender? At The Landrovers, we offer the option to create the Defender that is perfect for you. Start building your own Dreamfender today!


– The Landrovers


Build your Dream pricing:

It is hard to attach a flat rate to a custom-built Defender, given the hundreds of options and configurations to choose from.
Please choose your preferred:

Model – Defender 90, Defender 110 or Defender 130,

Body type – hard top or convertible

Power train – 300TDI, LS3 (430hp), LSA (560hp) or LT4 (650HP).

and get in touch with Peter and Daniel to receive a quote for your Dream Defender

Defender 90 LHD

Land Rover Defender LHD 90 Diesel
Land Rover Defender 130 RHD Gasoline

Defender 130

Defender 110 LHD

Land Rover Defender 110 RHD
Land Rover Defender 110 LHD

Defender 110 Convertible

Land Rover Defender 110 RHD Convertible
Land Rover Defender 110 LHD Convertible

Defender 110 Convertible

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