We are well aware that buying an old Land Rover on the other side of the ocean might seem a bit daunting at first. That’s why we’ve put together a small selection of our most recent customer feedback to give you a better idea about working with The Landrovers and our process. We can also get you in touch with our previous customers in the US. They will be happy to tell you more about their experiences with us and the import process.


I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible journey of building my beloved car, Libellula. Working with Daniel van Oort, Jeroen Blijenberg, and your amazing builders team has been a true blessing. The dedication and performance put into customizing my Landrovers Defender have exceeded all expectations.

Together, we have created a vehicle that symbolizes the future and embodies adventure. Libellula is not just a car; she is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards. I am beyond thrilled that my dream vehicle is almost ready to hit the roads and explore the world with me.

Every detail, from the body to the wheels and colors, showcases the perfection, balance, and symmetry that define your work. The interior, filled with beautiful little details, truly brings this masterpiece car together in harmony.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for bringing Libellula to life. This car is more than just a vehicle; it is a representation of dedication, passion, and craftsmanship. I am forever grateful for the beautiful masterpiece you have created for me.



For ten years I regretted the decision to sell my old, ‘97 Deep Green Defender 90. The rust was the only thing keeping it together by then but still, I missed her terribly. After a decade I realized the time had come to find my next truck, however this time it would be a 110 to fit my growing family.

I looked at many vehicles from all the major restoration companies across Europe and the US. The one I really liked was a build from The Landrovers. The pre owned vehicle was currently in the US so I reached out to Daniel & Peter as they were facilitating the sale for the owner. We spoke at length and ultimately, they convinced me to build my own.

I’m so glad I did.

They found us a beautiful old donor vehicle from a farm in Spain, and “Hawaii” was born.

I never thought I would design and build a truck from the US with a team in Amsterdam. The concept seemed crazy, but Daniel & Peter made it easy and exciting. I loved the experience of collaborating with such passionate people.
I have also never had an experience that comes close to the personal attention, professionalism and care that they provided. These guys are meticulous about their vehicles and painstaking about customer satisfaction.

It is a pleasure to call Daniel & Peter great friends of ours now.

My family and I live in the Hawaiian Islands. The guys built a truck that is so “Hawaii proof” (Daniel van Oort, 2020)… it’ll probably outlive us all.


Latin Bound

This car is simply a work of art, you can tell the quality in the build of these cars.  They really know there cars inside out and know how to satisfy a customer.  Would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a car for a lifetime.  No regrets whatsoever!



The Duke

Oh my gosh- Duke is incredible! The feel, the drive, the design, attention to detail. Its perfect. The looks I get around town while driving Duke are so fun. The wood on the steering wheel is beyond luxurious- the whole package. The girls absolutely love riding in Duke! Izzy can only say maybe 4 words and she can say Duke! It’s the sweetest. The drive is so smooth, just what you’d want. I can’t imagine our life without Duke!

All our best from SB!

With love,

Urban Stealth

An amazing build, many thanks to the team at The Landrovers! I have studied and owned Defenders since the 90’s when they appeared in the US. I have worked with a number of after-market operators but have found none to be as impressive as this crew. They excel throughout the whole process: design, communication, assembly, craftsmanship and delivery!

Their attention to detail combined with an ability to really understand my vision, allowed for a result beyond my expectations. Being on the other side of the planet (New Zealand) was an initial concern but these guys made it work seamlessly. The comments throughout the registration process from the local mechanics could not have been more complimentary. Now its time to drive!

Looking forward to the next one,



In 2021, our lives are cluttered with soulless mass produced digital ease. Our family of 6 was looking for something different, a throwback with utilitarian mechanical roots created by talented craftsmen. The Brentwood delivers on all fronts with her raw and simple features the Defender is famous for wrapped up in an elegant bow, no detail overlooked. Her family tree may start in cloudy England but, man, is she a natural cruising the sunny California coastline.

Importing a car from Amsterdam to the West Coast of the US can be daunting but the Landrover team was there for us every step of the way. We are very grateful for Peter, Daniel and the whole team. Their product is unparalleled and their service is there to match. Thank you.


Ursa Major

The Defender has been my dream rig since the 90’s. When I first saw the Landrovers on IG, I knew these guys could help me build my dream rig.

On a family trip to Europe in summer of 2019, we decided to make a special side trip to Amsterdam to meet Daniel and Peter, check out the facility and see their builds in person. We were greeted at the airport and picked up in one of their beautiful trucks, to immediately experience their vehicles. We spent a few hours touring their facility, meeting their crew, and learning about their history and process. As we reviewed all the possible options, from mechanical, to accessories and interiors, their attention to detail was amazing. Me and my family couldn’t help but spend that entire evening talking design and options over dinner in beautiful Amsterdam. We placed our deposit shortly thereafter to hold our place in line, and worked closely with the guys over the next few months to pick all the options.

Daniel and Peter stayed in close communication over the course of the build, sending pictures all along the way. Even when The pandemic hit, they kept pace with the build. The import to the US and eventual LS3 swap was handled seamlessly, and before I knew it, preparing to receive our dream truck! The vehicle was stunning, and the quality of the build was as good in person as you see in their photos. Their network of associates and mechanics in California, helped us make sure the vehicle was good to go and street legal once it arrived. As with any custom built car, there were a few minor adjustments and fixes as we started driving the vehicle. The Landrovers were always quick to respond, with detailed communication about troubleshooting, and even sent replacement parts and covered the cost when things weren’t absolutely 100% perfect.

Ordering a custom built vehicle overseas could be intimidating for most. But Daniel and Peter’s level of service kept me feeling comfortable throughout the whole process. If you are looking for the highest quality custom built Defender, with the highest attention to detail, you’re in good hands with the Landrovers.


Beachdrifter Brook

Peter and Daniel are true professionals.  Their meticulous focus on detail, courteous listening and immediate responsiveness made them a delight to work with.  They balanced input from our side with suggestions from their side, and delivered a product that draws everyone near.  Wherever the Beachdrifter is parked, curious people approach.  Inquiries range from people with detailed knowledge of a D110, to those simply admiring the craftsmanship.  What has impressed me most is the way they have followed up with us on the vehicle and its performance, but also on our overall satisfaction.  Most importantly, the children love it!.  I recommend Peter Zeisser and Daniel van Oort from The Landrovers without hesitation and look forward to our next collaboration.



Tenacious Clover

“The Landrovers take pride and responsibility in building people’s dreams.  That was certainly the case with the build of Tenacious Clover.  From start to finish they provided alternatives and ideas all with the highest integrity in understanding the full weight of being a fiduciary of someone’s dream. Don’t choose The Landrovers if you don’t want attention…strangers taking pictures, craned neck gawking, and notes under your wiper blades asking if you want sell your defender.  All of which i receive on a regular basis.”


Beach Pilot

Making a decision to purchase a 25yr old plus Defender 110 from a foreign country from a shop I hadn’t ever visited wasn’t an easy task, or one that was decidedly easily.  I spent years researching the various shops in the EU and beyond that refurbish left hand drive Defender 110’s, which was my vehicle of choice.  Had made the decision not to get into the US NAS race, but rather go through the experience of finding a Defender 110 abroad, and choosing the changes / refurbishment I wanted and then importing it to the US market for my personal use.  The Landrovers were my ultimate choice of where I would invest the time, money and energy into the project.  Peter and Daniel were more than accommodating with ALL my questions, changes, hesitations, indecision, etc, before during and mainly after the completion and we had received of our Beach Pilot.  Their patience and thorough explanations were very reassuring as having owned Land Rovers before, hadn’t owned a Defender 110 and so there were some unknowns with the build.  Their guidance was much appreciated even after 1000’s of miles have been put on the vehicle by my family and I, and they stood by their craftsmanship and build well after the delivery.  A great honest shop with consistent communication and dedication to their craft.


“Working with Daniel and Peter to build my dream Defender was an absolute pleasure.  Their attention to every detail and their willingness to be in constant dialogue about all of the elements of the build made the entire process exceptionally seamless.  And the products speaks for itself.  A local mechanic that has been working on Defender’s for decades told me that he couldn’t believe how well built my car was and commented on it being the best restoration he has ever seen.  Thanks to Peter and Daniel!  You guys were fantastic and I can’t wait for the next build.”



“Daniel van Oort and Peter Zeisser were wonderful to work with. They were both very responsive and professional which made the whole process incredibly easy. More importantly, we are thrilled with our Beachdrifter – the kids, parents, and grandparents alike. Every time we have people come visit, they fall in love with the car. We can’t thank Daniel and Peter enough for the seamless Landrovers experience.”


Mr. Bigfoot AKA The Dobson

“I cannot say enough about my experience working with Daniel and Peter.  The two of them and their team delivered me a product beyond my expectations.  From the first consultation phone call, to the truck being delivered to my driveway, the experience was nothing short of perfect!  The consistent and clear communication along every step of the way, and the delivery of such a quality product has left me with a permanent grin from ear to ear.  Most importantly, The Landrovers were committed to build me the truck that I had conceived and envisioned as opposed to trying to sell me a truck that they wanted to build.  And boy, did they deliver!!!”


Miss Vegas

Daniel and Peter are two of the most special guys I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Their expertise in the design and building of Land Rover Defenders is probably the best I have ever seen.  Their attention to detail and service is remarkable!  I would highly recommend using them for your own personalized Defender. They take pride in what they do…and they do it beautifully.  I was fortunate enough to visit their studio in Amsterdam and saw my Defender 90 before it was shipped across the ocean to New York.  I was so excited that every detail down to the door handles was built to perfection!  It arrived in mint condition and I enjoy driving Ms. Vegas every day!  I’m looking forward to working with them again to build my second Defender!

B. Hair, New York

Beluga Dan

“These guys are the greatest! Custom built to order. Never said “no” to any of my requests. Vehicle is beautiful and runs fantastic. Two weeks from port to port with three days in customs.  I am coming back!”

Dan Parsons – Pennsylvania

The Red Bull

After three years of looking for a “great condition” Defender 110 RHD in the US States with no luck, I stumbled onto The Landrovers website and eventually began communicating with Daniel Van Oort and Peter Zeisser. Within a couple of days, I found myself excitedly considering a vehicle that wasn’t even in the US, something I had never considered prior.

You guys were top notch to deal with. At first I was a bit hesitant and skeptical but your professionalism and transparency helped put my mind at ease. You guys keeping me in the loop all throughout the project was tremendous, your response time was amazing. The final product was terrific! I have had the fortune of owning many nice vehicles and this Defender is one of the finest vehicles I have ever owned. My boys and I love going around with it.

I have enjoyed our business relationship, more importantly I gained a friend and thank you for all your trustworthiness.

S. Ghannam – North Carolina

Ms. Red

Land Rover Defender 110s, especially classic years like 1987, are rare finds.  To find one so well prepared and to work with a guy like Daniel van Oort who helped every step of the way and went way beyond our expectations, even past delivery, is AMAZING. I had such a great experience with Daniel.  He always kept me informed of the process as our beautiful “Ms Red” made it through customs in Baltimore.  He coordinated everything perfectly.  As with all classic vehicles > 25 years old, there can always be subtle issues at first.  There were a few, like a small dent in the bumper which occurred somewhere in shipping to the US.  Daniel wasted no time negotiating these minor problems.  He just dropped a new bumper in the post at his cost and several other spare parts or small items after that.  Daniel knew I was a new LR owner and had much to learn.  He never hesitated to send me advice and support. He quickly answered every email, was available from 1/2 way around the world when I was going through the tag & title process in Texas to make sure I had all the documentation.

I would completely recommend Daniel and his organization for future purchases and, in fact, I have been circulating his name among Land Rover clubs and social media that I participate in. He’s a top-notch seller, and there’s nothing I would change about our experience.  My family and I have already created lots of great memories in our Land Rover Defender 110 and the candy-apple red color is a head turner!!  We always get lots of compliments from other Land Rover classic owners who really know their stuff.  They are also impressed with my experiences, the value and services I received from Daniel.

Thanks Daniel.  Many more memories to come and my wife now wants a Land Rover Defender of her own….so will be in touch soon.

Scott Frost


“I have been a customer of The Landrover’s since 2015 and have had over 5 of their Defender 110’s. Daniel and Peter are not only the most honest trustworthy people I have ever worked with, they are also very prompt and efficient in responding to any issues I may have had. They do fantastic work at an affordable price with best in class customer service. They stand behind every project and deliver an exceptional product. I cannot thank them enough for making my Land Rover experience the best it could be.”

RJ Schink (Seatle, WA)

Victoria III

After three years of looking for a “great condition” Defender 110 RHD in the US States with no luck, I stumbled onto The Landrovers website, and eventually began communicating with Daniel Van Oort and Peter Zeisser. Within a couple of days I found myself excitedly considering a vehicle that wasn’t even in the US, something I had never considered prior.
I found Daniel to be very pleasant and patient with me as I drilled him with questions, mostly about my concerns with buying a vehicle that was not titled in the US.

He was nothing but honest and straight forward with me, sharing specifics on the condition of the vehicle, its history,
and the entire process.   He was always responsive to my many emails with questions, and not once did I feel pressure or any type of sales approach from him.  I became comfortable enough to place a deposit on the truck and move forward with my own inspection by a Land Rover Professional.  Everything that Daniel had stated about the truck’s condition was quickly verified during a 2-hour inspection and road test. The truck was simply in great shape, as it had been presented to me up front.  After delivery of the truck to my home in Dallas, Daniel was available to assist me with titling information and some extra parts that I had requested.  To date, he has answered every email or call from before the deposit to after delivery.

I highly recommend Daniel and The Landrovers to anyone who is truly passionate about the Defender and wants to have their expectations met when the truck is delivered.  Buying the vehicle untitled from these gentlemen in The Netherlands allowed me to get her for a price that I would never have found in a US vehicle. I immediately had a great investment with solid equity, something that has come to mean a lot to me. I also appreciate and enjoy the attention my two Great Danes and I get in the Defender when we are out and about, people are constantly taking pictures and genuinely excited to see the truck…especially the right hand drive feature.  In the end, Victoria III exceeded my expectations in condition and value…..she simply is an awesome Defender!!  Thanks Daniel and team for a great experience.

Dr.Tod Gibbs/Dallas, Texas


Seven years ago, we went for holiday to Iceland for a roundtrip with our “normal” car. We loved the country and promised to return, but then with a Defender. Looking for one, we got introduced to Peter and Daniel, two enthusiastic young Land Rover Defender lovers. These guys know what people like. With love and care, they bought a Defender in the UK, exactly the one we wanted to have, imported it, and prepared it for our trip. In the meantime, Bjork has made many miles. The car is excellent, perfect engine, comfortable, and with a beasty motor sound (we gave her the right name).

I know quite some Land Rover dealers and lovers, but never met guys like Peter and Daniel. They put time in listening to customers and meet more expectations than you can dream of.

If you have a Land Rover dream, call/mail these guys. I can recommend them wholeheartedly and Defender love.

F. Zoetteweij