Driven by passion, inspired by adventure

We started our Land Rover journey with a dream of driving a classic Defender from cape to cape, i.e., from the North-cape in Norway to Cape town, South Africa. A journey of almost 15.000 miles.We refurbished a 1986 3-door Land Rover Defender 110, and modified her into a camper van. After that, she was mechanically and optically sound to make this incredible journey. Deleted: By the time our project finished, we were addicted! That’s when we started our own business to buy, refurbish, and sell classic Defenders! It has been a big adventure and a lot of fun, and it gives even more joy! Especially to our happy and enthusiastic customers, who still give us updates on their Land Rover experience. That motivates us to do our utmost best every day to deliver a high quality end product. Deleted: We don’t work with every Defender that crosses our path. We only choose the ones we absolutely love, as a Defender is not just another car you use to travel from A to B. Every Defender has its own character and emotional experience, and when you work with passion on something you love, the only outcome possible is positive! After 40 very successful projects, we have gathered tremendous amounts of experience and knowledge. Together with a team of highly skilled and enthusiastic land rover mechanics, we are able to deliver a beautiful and high quality Defender for very competitive prices. Deleted: We guarantee that every Defender that leaves our workshop is in top condition, and in almost Deleted: as good a state as when she left the factory 25 years ago, if not better, thanks to the significant improvements we make and the durable materials and parts we use.

Driven by passion, inspired by adventure.

What holds us back from experiencing a life full of adventures which we label solely as ecstatic memories? Looking back on our creation of the adventures we made on the island, one thing is for sure. We unfolded the truth which lies within us, the love, the passion, the exposure to our indulgences as well as the feeling of our exaltations. Our drive ,our passion and our inspiration to experience these truly energetic and nostalgic adventures, have been now carved in our minds forever. These adventures we lived turned into extremely positive core memories. They define what we desire, who we are, and what we want for the future.