We fulfill dreams and enrich lives with building the most beautiful high-end Defenders for enthusiasts all over the world. Thoroughly chosen and passionately rebuilt, to guarantee lifelong pleasure.

 – The Landrovers

How we work

We work with a build to order strategy. This means, our customer is able to design and create its own dream Defender.

By guiding our client’s sources of inspiration and providing them with our own unique perspective and years of experience, each custom Defender that leaves our workshop is truly unique and tailored to become a dream Defender.

As simple or as extraordinary as you want. We will build the Defender of your dreams, and make sure it is safely delivered to your doorstep.

We offer

Absolutely top quality Defenders, technically and optically

Completely or partly refurbished, and only with quality parts (OEM or Original)

√ Fully rebuilt driveline :engine, transmission, axles, swivels

√ Beautiful designs; from classic simple, to extraordinary urban

√ The best quality paint job (better then factory), and we don’t like filler which means new body panels where needed

√ The finest quality leather supplier, to make sure your new Defender seats will sit comfortable and last for another 25 years

√ Guaranteed import in the US

√ All our Defenders are EPA and DOT cleared and available for inspection in the USA

√ A one year guarantee on engine and gearbox

√ Passionate, qualified and motivated technicians

√ Unique after sales services

√ Our personal assistance continues long after the project is over

√ Completely satisfied Land Rover enthusiasts

√ Top recommendations by previous customers

√ See all our testimonials HERE